Rebelger. is pleased to offer our customers with a lifetime warranty on jewelry purchased through the company.

  1. The jewelry warranty and service policy will remain available to each client who purchases from Rebelger from the date of purchase. The offer is available only on all jewelry sold directly through the Rebelger website. The following conditions apply.

1.1. The warranty applies from the date the customer receives the goods for the first time. 

1.2. Rebelger lifetime warranty covers the cost of repair for only defects resulting from normal wear, such as cleaningrhodium plating, and loose prongs.

  1. When jewelry under the lifetime warranty is sent to the Rebelger offices, it will be inspected only by a Rebelger jewelry expert who will determine whether any repairs are needed. If repairs are required that are not covered under the lifetime warranty, the company will contact the customer for permission before working on the piece.
    Rebelger can request to the customer to send photos or videos showing clearly the problem.

2.1. The warranty does not cover loss or theft of the jewelry in part or its entirety.

2.2. The warranty does not cover re-sizes. Or size changes.

2.3 The warranty does not cover your jewelry if it was exposed to chemicals, perspiration, extreme temperatures & sunlight, wet or shower, spraying perfume or alcohol.

2.4. If a defect is discovered, the jewelry must be reported with pictures and videos to Rebelger for inspection. Rebelger alone will determine if the defect is due to normal wear or extraordinary circumstances. 

2.5. Any jewelry re-sized or altered in any way by a 3rd party not under the ownership of Rebelger, or without the authorization of Rebelger, will forfeit the warranty. 

2.6. The customer is liable for any shipping or insurance costs from the customer to the Rebelger offices. The warranty will not cover shipping costs and insurance from Rebelger to the customer. Customer will pay for Shipping Fee of $12 USD. In case that we determinate that is necessary to send a new piece.

2.7. If it is determined that the jewelry has been damaged outside the bounds of the warranty, due to unusual or extreme wear or use, the customer will be held liable to pay for all repairs.

2.8. Due to the nature of this type of jewelry, Rebelger will not be liable for damage to any chains that break on pendants, necklaces, and bracelets. Rebelger will not be held liable for damage to ear-backs, nose rings, or other body jewelry.

2.9. Rebelger will report to the customer any necessary repair required, prior to implementing the repairs. Rebelger will be sure to inform the customer if the repair does or does not fall within the bounds of the warranty.

This warranty only applies going forward and will not be offered for goods purchased prior to July 2020.