Do you want to be a Rebelger Ambassador?

We have an ambassador and collaboration program where we work with people we think have the right Rebelger spirit and can represent our brand in a good way in social media.

We get a lot of questions about what is required to become an ambassador and have therefore produced some points with general requirements that we want potential ambassadors to fulfill.

What do we offer you as an Ambassador?

  • Between 60% to 100% Discount on your own orders
    Discount will be assigned after review your social profiles. 100% discount is only assigned to unboxing content.
  • 20% commission on all purchases you generate
  • 30% Coupon Code for your followers

What do we expect?

  • Rebel Fashion, Tattoo, Biker, Heavy Metal Music or Beards focus on your profile on social media
  • Number of followers: At least 5000. Instagram or Youtube
  • A high commitment. That is much interaction with your followers and active response from them through eg. comments and likes.
  • High quality pictures and videos
  • Engaged content in your channels. That is Continuous update and personal content.
  • We look forward to our partners not having collaborations with directly competing brands

Contact Us:

If you meet these requirements and want to become an ambassador for us, you are welcome to complete this form.

How to get started?

  • Register with our partner record. You do this HERE
  • Your channel is reviewed and approved, which takes a maximum of a couple of days
  • You will receive your commission earned once a month, without the requirement of your own company